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Hi everyone, on Tuesday 17 November we had a guest speaker coming by to teach us about the GDPR laws in Europe. The speaker was Siebe Vandevoorde, a last year student in the bachelor’s in network economy. And in this blog, I will tell you a short version of what I learned and how I will probably adapt this to my project.

Europe privacy law GDPR” by Smedersinternet is licensed under CCBY2.0

So, the GDPR law as introduced in Europe in 2012 and is applied in every country of the European union in 2018. GDPR is short for general data protection regulation. It is created to protect all our personal data like phone number, address, name, … It protects us by making sure that company’s cannot just collect and use our data, they need to prove that they need it for their service. If they collect or process our data they need to prove that it happens in a safe and responsible way, they also need to make a clear privacy declaration to inform the users what data they collect and what they do with it. When you collect data you need to make sure that the person who’s data you collect can get access to the data you collect and that they are informed when their data is involved in a  leak. It is applicable for anyone who collects information of somebody else.

For my project we will probably need to do a survey on the bad and good habits of people to determine the best angle to launch it (our early adopters). In this survey we would need a lot of personal information like their age, if they work or not, if they have bad habits, if there is a underlying reason for them  and what techniques they tried to get rid of them. We will have to make sure that the people are informed and that they sign for permission. To collect this info, we will use the Microsoft forms app. This way we can easily change our document if there is a problem with the privacy, and to make sure the data is secure it will all be collected and protected in a secure cloud and will not be downloaded, or saved on any other place.

I hope you had a fun time reading.

Kind regards Saïko

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