Time tracking with enchanted object

Hye everyone,

My first blog post is going to be about an assignment we got in class “blijf in controle van je werktijd” . For this assignment we needed to choose an object that represented our tasks. As you can see below, I chose to use a small white box and put a colour on the 4 sides with a marker. Each colour represents an activity that I’m doing.

After this task our teacher showed us several ways to keep track of our time. She showed us how we can add everything in Excel or use a time tracker, like toggle, to register every moment of the day what you are doing. This way you will always be able to track what you did most of the time.

To be honest none, of these things seems to work for me . I think that these ways cost to much time for me to register because I don’t just do one task for three hours and switch. I am switching all the time. In order to find the right time tracker for me, I am bussy looking at several apps and ways to make time tracking more efficient.

I’ll keep you updated.

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